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In this book you will find some of the different techniques for stabling a viable lifelong investment program. You will also be given tools to ground yourself in the reality of an investment and not be misled by the hype in the marketplace. 

Hunter Wm. (Bill)Bailey is the author of Wealth Strategies, Investing for Your Retirement. It is available upon request at no cost. Order it now 800-603-1393 or download it HERE.


This booklet is dedicated to every investor who is willing to take the time to research the important issues and decisions necessary to survive a long and happy retirement. In the booklet, we will share our process to educate you about what you need to know and what you should expect from the process. 

Hunter Wm. (Bill) Bailey is the author of Active Retirement Investing: The Process. The booklet is available upon request at no cost. Order by calling 800/603-1393 or you can download HERE